Fear of The Walking Dead “Pillar of Salt”




Season 2’s second half, “Fear the Walking Dead”

has brought together three main stories in a

rather very bland manner.

Nick is fiercely concerned with trading drugs

for water while Hector is being revealed as

being kin go the super store owner.

Travis shows up right at the end,and sees

the lit up hotel sign, it leaves me believing

that after so long apart they are going to be

magically joined back together.

We are still clueless to what happened to

Travis yet.  Chris wasn’t with him in this scene.

And they showed scenes from last week of

someone being buried.  Travis was bitten on the
foot in a prior episode yet he hasn’t turned or

had an infection yet.

Ofeila is finally back on the show out there on

her own.   The same way they featured Nick in

scenes a few episodes before.
As they show Ofeila having flashbacks of former life.
It still didn’t feature enough of her experiences.  I’m

glad they have shown us more of Ofeila but there

still wasn’t enough.

She hasn’t been featured enough for us to get to
know her like we do some of the other major characters.
This was the writers chance to feature more of her and

they failed miserably.

What we do know is that she was proposed to and turned it
down out of guilt for her parents and to stay with them.
The scene was nicely displayed as far as that goes.  We now
can relate to her more.  Now that she is without her parents
that she sacrificed everything for…Who is she?  We still
don’t know the answer to that. Her life was crammed into this
one short scene that it was hard to understand.  Her character
deserved more time than this.

In the meantime Strand gets stabbed by Eileen, in return

Madison takes charge and makes a new no violence rule.  We
will see how well that works for her in a totally violent
survival world.

On the other side of things the camp that Nick is in is about
to get some drama by Antonio’s men, if they can get past the
zombies that surround the front of his camp.  All they have to
do is cover themselves in the zombie blood and walk right by
these dead things.  How hard is that? It’s been all over the
show already.

Next we have Madison flipping out at the warehouse because she
hears someone talking about a person that is possibly her son
Nick.  All the fuss and she never got a clear answer to where
this camp was at.  Why does she care anyway?  Nick chose to
leave his family for the dead.  She still has Alicia to think
about.  Poor Alicia just gets no respect.

At least it finally gave Alicia the chance to confront Madison
about her psycho obsession with her drug addict son.  I don’t
like the way Madison handles herself when it comes to Nick.
You would think this was the only child she has.

The only conclusion I can derive from this weeks episode

is that Ofeila’s flashbacks were more interesting parts of the
story.  “Pillar of Salt”, should have been named, “Force of Collison”.

Just too much crammed into one episode making it
way out there.

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