Fear Of The Walking Dead Season Premiere Sun. Aug. 21,2016


I really liked this show when I learned of it’s first premiere last year.
They seemed to want to take a different route from their spin off show
AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

That’s what I liked about this show. It was different from the usual
zombie stick in the head we seemed to see every week on the Walking
Dead show. They were more on the side of showing how the world was
falling apart before they went to the zombie things.

As the zombies started getting bigger with outbreaks which soon became
a pandemic. Forcing it’s way into their everyday lives until they
could no longer deny that zombies do exist.

We got to know each character personally.

This season premiere was a huge let down. Within the first few minutes
we had to know this was not going to be good. And it wasn’t!

Focusing entirely on Nick the recovering addict who chose to walk with
the zombies and leave his family. Taking a walk down the deserted
highway on his way to Tijuana. It was just a long drawn out series
of nothingness. We wanted to know where the others were that we had
come to know. That was all gone. This episode IMHO was just a total
boring flop!

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