‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season Finale ‘Wrath’ and ‘North’


Fear the Walking Dead” Season Finale : ‘Wrath’ and ‘North’ Starting out with two episodes right together we saw those that were still alive trying to deal with their losses and reunite.  In the first episode called, “Wrath” it was again all about Travis, and of course poor little Chris.  Brandon and Derek “The thug brothers” show up at the hotel without Chris.

Meanwhile Madison tries to deal with Travis and consoling him that he did the right thing by leaving Chris with his own kind.  Then she runs to Strand and confesses to him that she is having doubts about it herself.  Strand does his best to assure her that both of them are
parents and that’s what parents live for is their children.

There has been nothing but drama since Madison turned those hotel lights on that night.  A steady flow of survivors are pouring in. People are sleeping in the garage and all over the place.  Who would have ever thought those lights would bring in Brandon and Derek.  They immediately drew Madison’s attention way before she even knew who they were.  They were just being their usual loud thug selves.  Madison goes over to tell them to be quiet then discovers that Brandon is in pretty bad shape.  Dislocated shoulder and bruises about his body.

They tell her they have been in a bad accident when their underage driver fell asleep at the wheel and the vehicle rolled over killing their driver. Madison puts the pieces together and it
dawns on her that these are the two thugs Travis had told her about that Chris was with.

Madison and Strand both agree that they should keep Travis from finding out.  It would kill this father to learn that his son was out there dead somewhere and all alone.   So Madison attempts to sneak the two out of sight to a room to tend to their injuries but she is really going to throw them out of the hotel, when the other  patients heard this they started a big fuss and follow them outside,being very loud and of course Travis hears all of the racket and rushes to the window to see what is up.

I guess Travis is over all his moral preaching now as he drags the two thugs off into a room to talk.  We all knew what his intentions were.  Any parent would do the same thing under these circumstances.

Meanwhile in Tijuana, Nick has his own plans to save his people. He wakes up early to take off to the superstore and deliver Oxy to the people there.  When he gets there he is met with a surprise.  Marco tells him he has made some new very close friends with big time drug connections so he no longer needs the Colonia.  He also informs Nick that his men have found where he is living at and he fully intends to take it over very soon.

Nick rushes back to warn Alejandro. While they were discussing what to do they are interrupted when a dead man comes to life in the clinic.  A struggle ensues with some eye gouging and three people are bitten, including Alejandro.  The Colonia have their weird ritual where they send their bitten to join the Walker Wall that protects them and their home.  Alejandro wont be going there since he is immune.   Sure he is.

Nick urges Luciana that they have to go before Marco and his men come to take over and they will be killed.  Luciana refuses and Nick points out to her that her faith is fake.  Faith wont stop bullets he tells her.  Then Alejandro shows up to announce that he is not immune after all.  Big shocker.  Yeah.

All this time Alejandro has lied to his people and made them have faith. Including Luciana. When they rallied around him he had other things in mind.  Like he was the one who was really afraid and he needed them to keep HIM safe and build a wall.  In spite of all these revelations Luciana still refuses to leave.

As ironic as it seems Ofelia is the only member of the original group who has made it on US soil.  In spite of the zombie encounters she has had she crosses the border without a lot of trouble.  Just how far into the US she made it to we do not yet know.

Now we are back at the hotel where Travis is having a good time
pounding on Brandon and Derek in a locked room.  After being beaten to a pulp they tell him that Chris crashed the truck and was dead.  They keep changing the story as the beating gets harder.

This was the first time that Travis’s actions have made any sense that we could relate to.  After beating the snot out of these two thugs they finally tell the truth.  Chris was still alive in the crash but he couldn’t get up and walk so they shot him because he was dead weight.  Now this father is enraged thinking of his son out there by himself dead.  He finishes what he started and just kills both of the thugs.

“North,” the final episode of Season 2, Starts up with Travis in the process of still beating the thugs.  He hit Oscar also. Oscar is one of the hotel guests who tried to get Travis off of these thugs.  He hurt Oscar so bad it killed him so they take Travis out and lock him in a room until they can decide what to do with him.

Now Madison’s rule of no violence in hotel is coming back to haunt her.
Madison and Alicia decide that Travis has to go and they’re going with him. Strand says he will not go with them. Madison asks Elena to just let them stay the night and leave in the morning and she agrees.

Later that night, Oscar dies from his wounds and the people now  want Travis dead. Andres has him at gunpoint, but before he shoots, Alicia stabs him. Then a scuffle starts that breaks up when Strand shows up with a gun.  Needless to say their time at the hotel has come to an end. They scramble and run to a pickup but when it’s time to leave, Strand sticks to his word. He gives Madison the gun and tells her he’s staying.

Meanwhile at the Colonia, Nick leaves leaves while the rest of the community are gearing up for a fight with Marco and the superstore men. Alejandro is succumbing to his bite but manages to give an empowering speech to his people. Nick doesn’t make it far before he sees something in the distance, a helicopter, that makes him turn back. He gets back after dark and talks to Alejandro. He tells him as he is dying about the helicopter and that all these people, especially Luciana, aren’t staying because they thought he was immune but because he was a good person. Nick tells Alejandro to give the people his permission to leave and have a death that means something.

With the hotel behind them now, Madison decides to hunt for Nick. They all head to the superstore and find it empty except for the bodies of the family she saw getting interrogated in prior episodes. Travis finds an address to the Colonia so they head there.

They make it past the wall and through the bus that serves as the entrance with no trouble but when they arrive in town everyone is gone. Everyone except Alejandro. He’s inside the bus dying but managed to sneak to the bus and pull it forward, away from the fence, letting in all the walkers and pinning Marco and his men.

He lets them know Nick is heading north toward the border just before he dies. Nick, Luciana and the rest of the Colonia survivors are a few hours walk from the border when they see the helicopter again.  They start to feel happy with hope from the sight of it but it is short lived. A group of armed men come out of nowhere and open fire. The residents try fight back and scatter. Luciana pushed Nick out of the way and got hit. They pull each other to the side but aren’t safe for long. A couple of soldiers find them and throw them to the ground. They get a couple kicks to the ribs then the men’s guns go up and they get ready to shoot.

So that’s it and the end of Season 2. The finale.

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